Matilde Nardacci

Rimini Fiera Internazionale del TurismoCreative , lover of beauty and art , curator of national and international exhibitions , for years pours into his work his exuberance . Cavese of adoption, deeply rooted in the traditions of its territory, after years of study and the experience to Giffony Academy , the important training school of the Giffoni Film Festival , he decides to take care of incoming tourism in Campania to combine the love for their land and the studies done . Perfectionist by nature and by choice , is able to meet the needs of the most demanding tourists with structured proposals aimed at meeting the size " experiential " of the vacation that you can choose between cooking classes , shopping tours , courses Cake design and decoration of ceramic making use of the skills and expertise of its staff organization .Stand Campania Region Stand Campania Region Organising of events and for cultural and gastronomic associations, including the " Rotary Club " and school groups , able to intercept the needs of guests who welcomerewards , after they have known it , most do not forget his kindness and his smile.

Marco Vitale

primo piano firenzeCavese doc for birth and tradition, has managed to turn his passion for his land into work, which, thanks to his role as flag-waver in one of the oldest groups of flag-waving of Italy " i Città De La Cava" , has managed to raise awareness , with the ' art of the flag, in several world capitals such as Paris , Helsinki, Riyadh and many more. Participates and organizes events and international exhibitions such as the " Silver Flag Award " which honored famous people like Oscar Luigi Scalfaro , Carla Fracci and Philip Leroy and the " International Exhibition of Costume " in which we expose costumes and scenery created by artists from all over the world for theater, film and television.

foto-marco-raduno-web Guzzista of experience and passion for , for ten years with the Moto Guzzi Club Silver Eagles , produces the famous International Gathering Moto Guzzi in Cava de ' Tyrrhenians known for its welcoming " family " and be able to combine culture , art, passion and good food. Determined , pragmatic and stubborn conveys his enthusiasm Welcome guests to that , after I met him , they could not do without his precious advice for a perfect stay .


Did you ever think of staying in a such Campania?

ravelloAll wrapped up in one simple question ....

Come and find out what we have planned for you and it will open before your eyes a world that you never imagined could exist.
Discover the benefits of our proposal, just ask and all your wishes will be
satisfied ........
Great time, good food, wine tasting tours, shopping, art, culture, traditions, events, entertainment and relaxation ...

Enter the world Welcome and discover all the advantages ... We are sure that you will not make more for less.
Send us an email with your requests do not expect more than satisfy them.
And 'created a new way of doing tourism ......Welcome!

Why Welcome tourist service?

Welcome per Luci d'Artista Salerno

Our initiative was founded with the objective of offering the visitor an experience of living in the Campania region different from the traditional realized as "tailor-made " according to his needs .

Our facilities and our services want to create an integrated offering to provide customers with " stay " and not a living room whatsoever. We want to pamper guests with quality, competence , professionalism and above all with our company and availability.


 We know our territory and we want to take tourists on a trip aimed at discovering the flavors, natural and artistic beauty that Campania has to offer choices without preconceived or with a standardized service .


The Welcome was founded and operates in Campania but its operational headquarters is Cava de ' Tyrrhenians that , with its strategic location just a few kilometers from the Amalfi Coast, Salerno , Pompeii and Paestum , is configured as a hub hub for tourism.

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